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I’m a writer and mother living deep behind enemy lines. My forthcoming book Domestic Extremist: A Practical Guide to Winning the Culture War, is coming out soon from Regnery Publishing.

You can (and should) pre-order it here!

In case you were wondering about my gender identity, I identify as a husbosexual, which means I am only attracted to people who identify as my husband. I gave up a career writing for corporate behemoths to devote myself to my family, post on Twitter, and let my freak flag fly as a contributing editor and regular essayist for The American Mind, a publication of The Claremont Institute. I’m a convert to Catholicism from secular nothingness and liberal feminism—many such cases! Mr. Keenan and I reside in Southern California, my ancestral homeland, with our children, who remain my toughest audience.

You can find me on Twitter @keenanpeachy, at least until I’m cancelled.

For even more, go to peachykeenanwrites.com.

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Peachy Keenan

“The greatest writer in America” —Citizen Free Press. Contributing editor, The American Mind. Dissident Catholic. Husbosexual. Gen X supremacist. CA native on stolen lands.